Religious School

Our Mission

  • A religion is made up of a community. Through Jewish culture and religious concepts, we teach our students the principles of responsible behavior in all of their communities: family, friends, school and the synagogue.
  • A religion is rooted in a tradition. We teach Jewish ritual. The children will learn the spectrum of ways to observe as a modern Jew, and why we do what we do. They will know the origins of our traditions and rituals. A religion celebrates our deepest beliefs and experiences. We teach our children the deeper joy that can be found in a spiritual discipline, and the happiness we can create in observance of Shabbat and Holidays.
  • A religion is rooted in a teaching. We pass on the love of Torah to our children, in all of its complexity, beauty and inexhaustible mystery. They learn to revere the wisdom of our heritage on their individual paths. They come to understand to use Torah as a reference; to ask their questions, compare their insights, and see the reflection of their own spirits. Torah is not just a set of texts, it is an on going project that they are a part of.


We are deeply committed to our vision of a Religious School community. A vision which can only become a reality with the active participation of parents. Parents are required to attend Shabbat programs (Rabbi's Study Session, Services, Torah Discussion, Community Lunch) as much as the children. We ask one simple thing: what you want for your children, get for yourself. That's why we have our Religious School on Shabbat, so that we are not a drop-off school. While the children are learning, observing and celebrating Judaism, so are their parents. Thus, all religious education is family education.

Thu, October 19 2017 29 Tishrei 5778