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 Advanced issues found

What’s in the Bible and Why?
Mondays, January 25 - March 15 at 6PM

The Hebrew Bible, the TaNaKh, is a complex library, not a single book. This class will cover the three major sections of the Hebrew Bible, an overview of what is in the 36 books of the Hebrew Bible, how to read the Bible, how the Hebrew Bible came together, and when its final form took place – and why.

Our class will be a great review or, for the beginner, the essential knowledge required for the informed study of Hebrew Bible.

Pirkei Avot, Continued
(Starting with Chapter Two)
Mondays, January 25 - March 15 at 7PM

Pirkei Avot, often translated as “The Ethics of the Fathers,” is one of the most studied and most beloved Jewish texts. In the fall class, we completed the study of chapter one, and therefore will begin this class with chapter two. Newcomers are invited and instruction will be given for reviewing chapter one. This class is only for members of Ohr HaTorah Synagogue and is offered free of charge.

Outline of the History of Jewish Mysticism and the Kabbalah
Tuesdays, January 26 - March 16 at 6PM

Mysticism can be understood in at least two ways: the study of the direct experiences of the divine, and the collection of texts and traditions (such as the Zohar) that parallel the “official” texts of the Jewish religion (the Bible, the Talmud, etc.). This class will provide a basic outline of the 2,000 years of Jewish mysticism that preceded the Kabbalah. We will then turn to how and why the Kabbalah came into being in the late 1100’s, and what the basic contours of the Kabbalah are.

The Beauty and Depth of the Jewish Prayerbook
Tuesdays, January 26 - March 16 at 7PM

When approached as poetry and literature, the Jewish prayer book can be seen as an opening into the soul. Once studied properly, the various prayers individual poems and groups of poems that touch and guide the heart. We will study the major units of the Sabbath service how these liturgical poems work together to create a guided spiritual experience.

Advanced Wisdom Works, Continued
Reading of Roberto Assagioli's The Act of Will
Wednesdays, January 27 - March 17 at 6PM

This class is a continuation of the fall class, in which we are studying the various sources of Wisdom Work. We will continue our study of Roberto Assagioli’s The Act of Will, the capstone of his approach to psychology and transformation that he calls Psychosynthesis. The Act of Will can be a dense and daunting book, but it is essential for anyone who wants to truly understand or teach transformative work. We will be starting from chapter five after a brief review of foregoing chapters.

Ongoing Seminars in Wisdom-Works
Wednesdays, January 27 - March 17 at 7PM

This class received our highest number of “votes” in our survey. Each session will feature a teaching on the wisdom path – virtue, rationality, wisdom and depth. We will discuss the Wall of Virtue, false needs and irrational beliefs, managing anger and defensiveness, and dealing with difficult people (including yourself!), and many other topics.  At the end of each session, we will have Q and A on any aspect of the Wisdom Works, including specific cases.


Hebrew Language and Skills
with Meirav Finley
Sundays, 9 AM

In this course, we will explore core language elements for conversation, liturgy and bible study. We will use liturgical texts to prepare for the service and culmination ceremony of the Adult B'nei Mitzvah and Conversion programs.

Following this course, we will begin individual work relating to each student's choice of parasha, etc.

IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Those of you who already read Hebrew and would like to join the class, may do so!

Meeting ID: 983 5391 5367
Password: 828186



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