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High Holy Days Tickets

Please Note: All Tickets are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. 


Adults: Tickets for the adult services are $200 per person.

Please note that the coast of High Holy Days tickets can be applied towards a full membership until November 01, 2017 

College Students: Tickets are $50 per person for full-time college with a valid student identification card. Please note that for an additional $50 (a total of $100), full time college students can become members of Ohr HaTorah! 

Teens (Grade 7-12): Tickets are $100 for each teen or child wishing to attend Adult Services.

 Children: We offer Childcare (Pre-K - Grade 6) in the Wilshire Ebell Club during

Rosh Hashana morning, Sep 21, and Yom Kippur morning, Sep 30, services.

We encourage all children to attend. 

Adult Attending Information:

Ticket Requests And Payment:

College Student:


Please Note:

Due to the dietary preferences and restrictions og many children we are asking parents to bring food for their children.

No other food will be available.

We ask that your children's meals and snacks abide by Ohr HaTorah "Koser Style" policy. At our public events, while we do not require that meals be kosher according to traditional Lewish law, we do ask that meals do not include "treif" - forbidden foods, e.g pork (pepperoni, etc.) or shellfish, and that milk and meat are not included in the same meal (for example, no cheesburgers, no burger and shakes together).

Please fill out the Medical Authorization form for each child enrolled. 

Additional Items:

$18 Per Name

Our Annoual Yizkor Book will be published and distributed at Yom Kippur services.

$30 Per Book

We will use the $th edition (2006 edition) to the Ohr HaTorah prayer book. The prayer book has complete transliterations for participants who can't read Hebrew. Some prayers book will be available for purchase at services, but to guarantee your copy you must pre-order it along with your High Holy Days tickets submission. 

Yom Kippur Yizkor Book Information:

Names that Were Included in Last Year's Yizkor Book

*Please Note: Names will be printed exactly as they are written below

New Names to Be Listed

*Please Note: Names will be printed exactly as they are written below

Thu, August 17 2017 25 Av 5777