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Special Membership

Please Note 

Each request is treated as an annual, one-time only request.

Only those who have fulfilled all prior financial obligations to Ohr HaTorah will be eligible for special membership consideration.

Spacial membership request doesn't include - Building Fund Commitment, Scrip Deposit and Religious School fees.

If your circumstances has changed please submit a new request for consideration for next year. 

If your request is approved, please provide us with a valid credit card and advance written authorization to charge your account for any membership payments.

Contact Information: 

Employment and Income:

In order to process all applications fairly, we have to ask questions that give us a reasonably clear picture of each applicant’s financial situation. These questions help us understand your financial situation. First, we require employment information.

Applicant 1 Info:

Applicant 2:

Some applicants who do not work or have regular income, have income from other sources, or depend on savings. Others have irregular work; one year they make a lot, the next year very little. Tell us about your resources and other non-employment sources of income. List your assets and what is available to you on a yearly basis and explain how you are budgeting these resources. Include the following: rental income, investment income, dividends, pensions, social security, disability, alimony, awards from a legal judgment, trust funds, savings, gifts and bequests. Use a separate sheet to detail this information. Okay, you are about half way done!


Ohr HaTorah will not review your application for consideration if you do not provide detailed monthly expenses. This is a request made of all applicants in order to be able to serve and meet the needs of our community fairly. We would like to know a bit about your expenses. Some applicants earn less money than others, but their expenses are very low. Others earn the same, but they are, for example, supporting an elderly parent in a nursing facility. Tell us about your expenses. First, your ordinary monthly expenses (other than housing, auto, schooling) Please include a description and a dollar amount in each box:

If private, please state tuition paid for your child.

Reason For request:

So that we understand your situation clearly, please set forth in detail the reasons for your request for special membership consideration on a separate sheet. Please use the sheet that you listed other sources of income.

Prior History:

Circumstances change. If you have received special membership consideration in the past, please indicate the amount of your Tzedakah Commitment in previous years.

Mon, July 16 2018 4 Av 5778