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Kinder Circle Preschool

Kinder Circle Preschool was established by Ohr HaTorah Synagogue with the core purpose to build a school that attracted a diverse group of parents and children who share the love for the state of Israel and value its existence. Our Hebrew immersion program is designed to introduce the Jewish community, cultural traditions, and the Hebrew language to children through a play based curriculum. Today, Kinder Circle Preschool has three classes of children; Nitzanim, Giv'olim and Prachim. 

Our Mission
With a foundation in Hebrew Immersion, Kinder Circle guides children to explore their world as individuals within a community. They experience their emotions, thoughts and actions and learn to understand them by engaging in a wide variety of play-based lessons and activities. It is our mission to acquaint children with their creative forces and to encourage self-awareness and knowledge. Guided by professionals in early childhood development and education, the children hold a significant role in the direction of their learning. They play, build, create and explore with freedom, as teachers, staff and parents work together to maintain a warm learning environment. 

What is Hebrew Immersion? 
At Kinder Circle, Hebrew is used as a first language. Hebrew language elements are incorporated into all daily activities. Worldwide research shows that bilingual children are able to communicate with a wider variety of people and function more comfortably around cultural diversity. They will have social and economic advantages in their future and improved thinking skills. Children who learn more than one language in their formative years will acquire that language with ease, and pave the way as they study that language and others post adolescence. Bilingualism aids young children in understanding their world and widens their discovery of communication. 

Every morning our children enter a magical hub that is welcoming and supportive. The children enjoy age appropriate indoor/outdoor activities that encourage exploration. Construction with blocks, manipulative toys and wood, body movement, dance, art, music and gardening are all part of the daily routine.   

Sat, April 21 2018 6 Iyyar 5778