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Select members of the Congregational Council form a core management team to provide ongoing

coordination of all aspects of synagogue life. 

Every event, program, and activity is led by a layperson that works in coordination with 

the Executive Director, Meirav Finley. 

An officer of the council may volunteer to run a program or event.

When it is completed, that volunteer may decide to step down from the Council team until a new,

inspiring idea emerges. 

The Officers of the Congregational Council do not have a specific tenure of office.


Officers Of The Congregational

Josh Abarbanel, Gabbai, Religious Service Leader
Stacey Abarbanel, Officer at Large
Hadas Abouaf, Officer at Large 
Keith Abouaf, Security, Building Maintenance
Alex Abramovici, Officer at Large
Pam Abramovici, Officer at Large
Endre Balogh, Community Photographer, Music Committee

Mona Balogh, M.D., School Policy & Practices Advisor
Jennifer Barnes, Religious School Parent Committee
Adela Barnett,  Officer at Large
Mark Bialy, Community Torah Reader
Sharon Bialy, Officer at Large
Curt Biren, Gabbai, Religious Service Leader
Emily Blakeney, Preschool Parent Committee, Fundraising Events
Shia Blakeney, Rabbinic Intern
Paul Brooks, Men’s Group Co-Chair
Malcolm Brown, Officer at Large
Bella Cohen, Early Childhood Committee, Cafe
Neisha Cohen, Membership
David Dressler, Gabbai
Randi Dressler, Fundraising Events
Sheri Dunn, Religious School Parent Committee
Janet Ehrenberg, Community Outreach
Matt Ehrenberg, Community Photographer
Daniella Faggen, Preschool Parent Committee
Angie Featherstone, Officer at Large
Karen Feldman, G’milut Chassadim, Membership Chairperson
Audrey Giuffrida, Administration
Julie Giuffrida, Cafe, Programming, Publications, Community Torah Reader
Noam Gonen, Technology
Kathy Gooze, Officer at Large 
Jacob Gooze, Officer at Large
Stephen Grynberg,  Community Outreach
David Guth, Membership

Jacob Kantor, Cantorial Leader, Music Committee

Julia Kantor, Officer at Large
Matthew Kelly, Officer at Large 
Galit Knotz, Preschool Parent Committee
Jeff Linnetz, HHD Committee
Jessie Livingstone, Preschool Parent Committee
Mischa Livingstone, Community Photographer/Videographer
David Mamet, Building Committee
Sheri Manning, Officer at Large 
Debra McGuire, Fundraising Events
Eleni Merari, Officer at Large 
Gene Miller, Music Committee
Susan Miller, Music Committee
Masoud Moradzadeh, Fundraising Events, Religious Service Committee
Arlene Nelson, Cafe 
David Nelson, Cafe

Ashley Nieto, Preschool Parent Committee, Fundraising Events
Ilbert Phillips, Men’s Group Co-Chair
Melinda Rosenthal, G’milut Chassadim Committee
Arie Salma, Music Committee, Web Design
Arlene Sarner, Gala Committee
Arthur Shane, Music Committee
LoriAnne Shane, Officer at Large
Rina Shapira, Officer at Large 
Andrea Spector, Officer at Large
Robb Strom, Legal Counsel
Yolanda Strom, Membership Outreach, Fundraising Events
Bruce Sultan, JWW
Sonya Sultan, JWW
Jodi Swartz, Officer at Large
Eric Taub, Technology Committee 
Francis Thaler, Religious School Parent Committee Chair, Cafe
Jeffrey Thaler, Band
Anna Turco, Special Membership
Dara Yungman, Religious School Parent Committee
Igal Yungman, Technology
Ofir Yungman, Technology



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