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Although our service schedule is consistent, the following times are approximated:

09:00 AM

Birkot HaShachar (Early Morning Blessings) 
The early morning blessings are comprised of blessings and readings culled from many places in rabbinic literature. They can be seen as a liturgical reminder of our identity, obligations and blessings as Jews, that we recite first thing in the morning. 

09:10 AM

Rabbi Finley's Morning Study Session

Rabbi Finley leads a study session focusing on the moral and spiritual life. (Doors Close - no walking in and out during the rabbi's morning study session). Be advised, end time might change due to longer sessions.

09:45 AM

Morning Prayer Service Begins

(Doors remain open the remainder of the morning)

10:30 AM

Amidah - The Standing Prayer

The Amidah ("Standing") or Tefillah ("Prayer") is the core of our service. This section is the communal counterpart to daily sacrifices. On Shabbat, the middle 13 blessings, having to do with worldly requests, are held in abeyance, and a special set of prayers having to do with the Holiness of the Sabbath.

10:45 AM

Torah Service - Children enter the sanctuary

The purpose of this section is to awaken our hearts and spirits to the experience of prayer. Children and adults together pray, sing and celebrate.

11:15 AM

Rabbi Finley's Torah Study

Rabbi Finley provides thoughtful interpretations of the weekly Torah portions that inspire intellectually stimulating and spiritually enriched discussion.

12:00 PM

Concluding Prayers

12:15 PM

Sabbath Morning Kiddush and Breaking of Bread

Blessing of the wine (Kiddush) and blessing of the bread (HaMotsi), leading to a gourmet Kosher-style lunch while basking in the joy of Shabbat afternoon.

12:30 PM


01:00 PM

Lunch Then Learn

Teaching led by Rabbi Mordecai Finley available to those who purchase lunch: members, their guests and visiting prospective members.

Mon, May 20 2019 15 Iyyar 5779