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Our services focus on introspective and individual participation in the community.

Our Shabbat morning service is a special opportunity for the Jewish community to come together for an uplifting experience.


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                                                                    Kabbalat Shabbat

Not only are we zooming the Rabbi's talks on Friday nights,
we're also sharing in prayer, music, and of course,
it wouldn't be complete without the traditional schmoozing...
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From Rabbi Finley on this Friday Night:

Now that our Friday night online Shabbat table has become a fixed part of
Ohr HaTorah’s culture, we’d like to try new things. Starting this Friday, the first Friday of the month will be an “Ask the Rabbi” opportunity. Ask nagging questions, settle disputes, discover unknown nooks and crannies of the tradition – your turn to ask. Anything I don’t know, I will look up and get back to you. Prepare your questions!

As always, we’ll end with a brief poem, aphorism, or some other pearl of wisdom, and of course, our joke of the week to lighten our spirits.

                         Saturday Morning

A bit of a remix from our past Saturday services,
but is it even better than before?!
Click the link on Saturday morning and decide for yourself!​
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Password: 595703
From Rabbi Finley on this Shabbat:

Last Shabbat, we devoted our studies to see Abraham as “a work in progress.” It does not seem that Abraham is selected for the covenant with God because of any special attributes (none is listed). Rather it seems that the authors of the Bible wanted to portray Abraham as he transforms as a person and earns the covenant. This Torah portion brings Abraham to the tragic apex of his life. It is fair to say that the character of God in the Bible has transformed as well. We see in this Torah portion a sharp turn in the Bible’s understanding of God. As usual, we study these narratives from literary, philosophic and mytho-poetic starting points. 

Sat, November 28 2020 12 Kislev 5781