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Thought of the week
Reflection on Torah Portion
Thoughts on Sukkot - Nature and Spirit

I am one of those who accepts the idea of "natural religion." This belief does not mean the worship of the natural world. Scholars use the term to mean that religion grows out of human nature.

There are many people, perhaps you, who feel that life is imbued with the "numinous" - a unique spiritual quality, encountered outside of us or found within us. Sometimes just sitting alone, sometimes in conversation with family or friends: you suddenly feel that the quality of the moment has shifted, almost as if the air pressure has ...

Reflections on the Weekly Torah Portion - Ha'azinu - From Wisdom to Happiness

The main question I am asked after a transformative High Holy Days experience is "how do I keep this work going?" Ideally, we come out of Yom Kippur with greater self knowledge, greater understanding of our inner processes and those of others.

I had several main focuses in my teaching, all based on a few core ideas. First, our lives should be filled with a sense of well being, shaped most of all by the goodness we create in building loving relationships with others.

The potential for goodness in close relationships...

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