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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program

We have a new approach to Jewish education for families with children at Ohr HaTorah. We are moving away from the traditional model Hebrew school of set classes with set times. Our model is based on each individual family’s needs and interests while maintaining an important sense of community.

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Bar/t Mitzvah Service - Options 

An Afternoon Bar/t Mitzvah Service/Ritual designed by the family (with our guidance):

This may take place in the family’s home or at a rented location. We will provide all necessary guidance.

NEW - - Aliyah at the Kotel or Masada:
Some families would like to have their child’s Bar/t Mitzvah in Israel at the Western Wall or Masada. We will facilitate this experience by helping the family find a company that will meet their needs in Israel.

* Fee - $3,750 (Full paying members - $1,000)

Program fee is required in full to begin the process.

If you're not a full paying member, contact the office.


Bar/t Mitzvah Program Fee includes:

  1. Full family membership 

  2. Private and semi private study with the Rabbi 

  3. Rabbi officiating at the service

  4. Guidance throughout the whole process for a successful and complete Bar/t Mitzvah ceremony experience


Not Included but Required:

  1. Location - Synagogue Sanctuary/Chapel, Hotel/Banquet Hall, Home/Garden (to be approved in advance by Ohr HaTorah),  (to be set-up by the family)

  2. Cantor - $500 (to be set-up by Ohr HaTorah)

  3. Piano Accompaniment - $500 (to be set-up by Ohr HaTorah)

  4. Sound System (if it is not a small, private home ceremony identified as such by
    Ohr HaTorah, to be set-up by the family)

  5. Private tutoring (to be set-up by the family)

  6. Coordinator for all ceremony logistics, purchases, transportation, deliveries, display, set-up and take-down. This includes but is not limited to kippot, prayer books, candy, talitot, etc. (to be set-up by the family).

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* Private/Semi Private Study with the Rabbi 


In preparation for writing the Bar/t Mitzvah drash, the Rabbi will spend private time with students and their families, and will introduce the rich history of Jewish texts - Bible, Talmud, Midrash and other great Jewish texts. Interested Bar/t Mitzvah family members may join in studying the deeper dimensions of the Bar/t Mitzvah. We will provide detailed information to our families and answer all questions as needed.

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* Private Tutoring

(additional family expense, not included in program) 

We will help families engage tutors (or other resources, depending on the child’s level or needs) to ensure children master Hebrew reading, their individual Torah portion, and the relevant parts of the Bar/t Mitzvah service. We will offer help finding these resources, and will coordinate with the tutors throughout the process.

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* Participation in Shabbat Morning Broadcast (optional)

Students are invited to chant the blessings and their Torah portion for our Shabbat morning broadcast. Only Immediate family will be invited to attend in person.

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Party Planning
(Coming Soon)

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