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Education isn't just learning about the past.
It's also learning about one's self and one's
relationship to the world around us.

Wisdom Works
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Winter 24 All & Everything class flyer
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Tuesdays, January 23 - February 27 at 6 PM PST

A wide-ranging analysis of ideas that matter in philosophy, politics, social theory, religion and ethics. Of particular interest for me now is the thought of Juergen Haberman, the good side of “critical theory.” We can discuss how and why critical theory went bad, but all questions are welcome. We will break down complex ideas in an understandable and enjoyable way.

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Wednesdays, January 24 - February 28 at 6 PM PST

The work of insight, intervention and transformation can be seen as the mechanics of the inner life. Managing the inner life is the key to human growth. We must be able to see our thoughts, feelings and emotions in order to mold them according to our vision of ourselves. We will discuss what exactly are the theories and practices needed for managing the unconscious processes of the inner life, and bringing those processes into conscious work.

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