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Education isn't just learning about the past.
It's also learning about one's self and one's
relationship to the world around us.

Wisdom Works
Prep for HHD '23 (Square)_edited.png
Preparing Your Heart for the Days of Awe

Tuesdays, September 12 & 19 at 6 PM PST

The Days of Awe - Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the days in between – form a tapestry of beauty, depth and meaning for the inner life. Unfortunately, some of this magnificent tapestry is lost in the structure of High Holy Days services. In these two sessions, Rabbi Finley will describe the inner depths of the high holy days and offer guidance (including book recommendations) for your inner work practice during these days.


Parenting the soul
of Your child

Best Parenting Practices

Toddler to Teenager // Raising your child as a person to bring to fulfillment and not a project to be managed // Teaching your children to be safe, moral respectful, insightful and accountable // How to model the behavior you are seeking // much more!

Fall '23 Parenting the Soul (Square)_edi
Fall '23 Intro to WW (Square)_edited.png
wisdom work:

Wednesdays, October 4-25 at 6PM PST

The Foundation of Virtue // The Wall of Virtue // Four C’s and the Bad JEDDI // Reducing anger and defensiveness in yourself and others // Understanding anger and defensiveness // Wisdom as Insight into yourself of others // Wisdom and Personality Types // Reasoning well about relationships // Processing well with others

Introduction and Review of Wisdom Work & Interpersonal Relationships
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