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Education isn't just learning about the past.
It's also learning about one's self and one's
relationship to the world around us.

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All & Everything

Tuesdays, November 8 - December 13 at 7 PM PST

This class will recover some of the ground presented in our class last year, Theory of Everything.


In these sessions, we will take a philosophical approach to what there is, what we can know and what we ought to do. From those studies, we will study theories of language and consciousness and eventually drill down to spirituality and religion.


For beginners, this course will serve as a good introduction to the uses of philosophy to answer life’s deepest questions. For more advanced students, these sessions will function as a safe place to discuss.


Consciousness, knowledge, truth, morality, values and theories - wide ranging discussion of philosophic issues
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Tuesdays, November 8 - December 13 at 7 PM PST

As many of you know, I had the extraordinary privilege being Leonard Cohen’s rabbi. He and I were devoted to the study of certain aspects of the Lurianic Kabbalah. This class is a continuation of the later summer class on that topic. I will review some of the basics of the Lurianic Kabbalah, review a few notable poems, and study further ones. Students should have available The Essential Leonard Cohen, The Book of Longing and The Flame. New students are invited, but the summer class content will be not repeated.

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Intermediate Advanced Wisdom Work

Wednesdays, November 9 - December 14, 7 PM PST

The Intermediate-Advanced seminar in Wisdom Work relies on a basic understanding of Wisdom Work, as described in the Ongoing Seminar.


In this seminar we will address the specific problems of working with negative ego-states, arrayed in the Unconscious Ego-Self. We will refine the process of accessing the many levels of the Higher Self, and from there exerting insight, intervention and transformation of the ego-states. Some of the negative ego-states we will address are anger, aggression, resentment, guilt, shame, irrational obligation, envy, chronic ambivalence and victim mentality. We will work on cultivating positive ego-states such as love and compassion, good boundary setting, insight, thinking and reasoning well, courage, and honor.

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ongoing seminAr in wisdom Work

Wednesdays, November 9 - December 14 at 7 PM PST

Wisdom Work is guaranteed to make your life better (absent a true disorder). In this seminar, we will address inner life growth for human thriving. At the interpersonal level, struggles in families and other situations can be calmed down, simplified and worked through. Any kind of therapy will become more efficient with Wisdom Work in the background. Many people who practice Wisdom Work don’t need much psychotherapy.


In this class, various aspects of the two different facets of Wisdom Work (described below) will be addressed in each session. After that, there will be time for Q & A on the topic of the class, as well as any other aspect of Wisdom Work.


The Ongoing Seminar is like music, dance or martial arts training. You don’t take a class once – you train regularly. The Wednesday 7 PM night class is the “dojo” of Wisdom Work.


Vision, Will, Skill, reflection/virtue, rationality, wisdom and depth